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How does a girl go from being a vegan on welfare to being the first white girl on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam?

By keeping it all funny.

Raised a hippie, Jess was told not to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance, smoked so much weed her first word was, “ere!”, and didn’t wear underpants until she was ten years old. Trying to rebel as a teen she started to hang around gangs, but after too much pcp, and a bullet in her knee,  Jess decided she’d leave LA and move to NYC. In New York, she met the Jewish family she never knew, but she also found a home in heroin and the dealers who sold it to her. Death and jail seemed normal but Jess somehow had a sense of humor through all of it. Jess turned to comedy for relief, sobriety, and a sense of self. She’s happy to be here alive and well and able to tell her story. Look for Jess all over the place! If she’s acting, telling her crazy stories and doing stand-up comedy, catch her. Want a lil Wood right now? Watch  Jess on AXS TV or listen to her host ‘GET WOOD.’



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“Jess Wood, the only female in the entire show, left a lasting impression. Wood, fearless and full of energy, exclaimed that females should be honest about their sexuality and what they want from men, which may require a head push from time to time.”-NYC Living
“The reason NBC censors me is because when the interviewer tells me he “knows Topanga well” I answer, “Yeah, you probably screwed my mom.” I didn’t think NBC would edited it out.