oh yes you did!

oh yes you did!

oh yes you did!

hello, so happy you have made it to my blog today. not much to report; it’s still freezing fuckin’ cold here in my apartment…”but it’s great in the summer” my boyfriend and I keep reminding each other. just means we gotta make more love! or bake more bonghits? whatever the case, come see me this week on Wednesday at everybody’s favorite gay bar the DUPLEX! the show starts at 7 and I never know when I’ll be up, but damn it’s a fun way to make your week fly by-and it’s free, babies xoxox hope to see ya there

P.S.-please let me know what you’d like to see more of on this here blog site ’cause ms jess gotta lotta time on her hands now, so lemme know how best to put that to use. oh, and don’t even mention masturbation! I been at it like a man…so let’s get those requests in, nothin’s too racy, trust me…pass it on xoxo



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